Wish Upon a Fountain!

Since the first streams of sparkling water spouted across a concrete pond in 1899, the collective wishes and aspirations of Greater Kansas City have been reflected in our famous fountains.

Unfortunately, freezing and thawing create cracks, rust pipes, bust pumps and corrode electrical components. Each time one of our signature fountains breaks down, our community's critical pool of optimism is drained just that much more.

If you, your business, foundation or trust would like to dive in and help restore and preserve one of our beloved fountains, contact the City of Fountains Foundation at 816.842.2299

The delightfully ornate Seville Light Fountain at the high profile intersection of 47th Street and Mill Creek Parkway is an exact replica of the Plaza de Los Reyes fountain in Kansas City's sister city of Seville, Spain. Age and weather took its toll, and the landmark fountain has been inoperable for several years. Highwoods Properties, with support from the merchants and customers of the Country Club Plaza, is underwriting the significant cost of restoring the midtown landmark. The work is expected to be completed - and the fountain operating again - this Spring.

We need your help to keep KC’s legacy flowing. Help us reach our community goal!